Customer Testimonials
With customers in more than 60 countries, we receive a lot of feedback from all over the world. 

Below we have listed few examples...

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What are MidiIllustrator customers saying about our notation software?

MidiIllustrator is a great product with great support behind it.  We are looking forward to the next version.

Harry Williams, UK

Your software makes beautiful scores always.  MidiIllustrator is a wonderful system!

Agnetha Hansen, Norway

I am using MIDI exercises with the practice tools to develop my sight reading.  I play near every day and I'm still finding new stuff to try.

Bob Diver, Australia

My students really benefit from the simplified notation options and the possibility to show accidentals next to each note.  This and the note names option really builds familiarity with the key signatures quickly.

Simon Davies, USA

As I told you, I use MidiIllustrator pretty much constantly so I am really pleased with all the improvements; Keep up the good work.

Jeff Wood, UK

I am now ready to go with MidiIllustrator installed on both my laptop and my home PC.  With this setup I am learning the piano again after nearly 10 years away from it, and I am enjoying every moment.

Peter Seymour, USA

This is great value software.

Andrés Rodriguez, Spain

I am enjoying learning all the many things it can do by trying through all the menus and buttons.

Gijsbert Verbeck, Holland

The "Convert Song to Solo Piano" option is a stroke of genius!

Oscar Brown, USA

My kids are actually using this program as accompaniment for practicing.  They are getting pretty good at sitting down at the keyboard now but I think that the software is helping to keep them interested.  I want to thank the MidiIllustrator Team!

Karen Walters, USA

I think that at last my sight reading is coming on, slowly but surely.  I am trying new pieces all the time now that I have so much new material with MidiIllustrator and so many MIDI [file]s.

Phil Sykes, UK

Thanks for all your support getting me started with the music program.

Axel Adelsvärd, Sweden

Who knew there was so much sight reading material?  MidiIllustrator is perfect for us "prima vista" hungry musicians.

Lili Stock, Canada

Thanks again for addressing our feedback [new feature addition] so quickly...  Your responsiveness is amazing - you guys are truly creating great software.

James Bryant, UK